Making a big difference in people’s lives

A 22-year-old needed medical services, but because of their situation at home, they were worried about accessing those services.

The person was on their parent’s work insurance and the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). The work insurance was the primary payer, so the person was terrified to seek the health services they needed because their parents would be notified by the work insurance.

Someone who didn’t understand the health system or the different safety policies may have just pointed this person to a website or dismissed their concerns and needs, but a local community partner worked with the OHP policy team to make sure that the work insurance was coded properly to allow OHP to be the primary payer and notated the case to prevent future problems. This 22-year-old was finally able to get help and access the much-needed services without fear for their safety.

Having local, caring community partners who work with state staff can make a big difference in people’s lives and wellbeing.

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