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The best part of CPOP!

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In 2019 we held a special community partner appreciation celebration.

Our culturally and linguistically responsive partners are contracted organizations and volunteers trained and certified by the Community Partner Outreach Program to assist Oregonians with health coverage application and enrollment. 

Our statewide OHP-certified community partner network

Network highlights:

  • Approximately 300 contracted community partner organizations
  • 1,300+ certified partners (grantees and volunteers) that provide free, culturally and linguistically appropriate assistance
  • 52 different languages spoken

While the original goal of CPOP centered around Oregon Health Plan application assistance, CPOP has come to recognize that this assistance represents only a fraction of what these organizations do to support health outcomes for individuals and families.

Partner organizations include:

Our unique approach

Here are a few ways we meet people where they are with what they need:

Bringing families peace of mind during difficult times

A person suffered an accident while doing work around his house which required him to be hospitalized. While he was in the hospital, it was discovered that he had cancer.

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More than just health coverage help

A local Community Partner helped a young man who recently moved to Oregon from another state.

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Making a big difference in people’s lives

A 22-year-old needed medical services, but because of their situation at home, they were worried about accessing those services.

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Listen to CPOP's 10th anniversary podcast episode

Featuring the best part of CPOP – our Community Partners! Diana Niño, Colin Sanders, Umy Concepcion, Hannah Kuehl and Enedina Lopez Paz share their uplifting stories.

If you’re a CPOP grantee or have been approved to order materials, visit our online store to see what’s available. If you’re a CPOP community partner who is interested in printed materials but aren’t able to print through your organization, reach out to us.

Read more about our work with the community:

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