CPOP: putting equity into action

CPOP, putting equity into action

The Oregon Health Authority’s Community Partner Outreach Program (CPOP) has built a one-of-a-kind network of community partner organizations serving every county in Oregon. CPOP’s regional and statewide team provides support to our diverse network of community partners. Together, we strive for a stronger, healthier Oregon.

Through passion and collaboration, we elevate both the beauty in diversity and unique community needs.

Our unique approach

Here are a few ways we meet people where they are with what they need:

Bringing families peace of mind during difficult times

A person suffered an accident while doing work around his house which required him to be hospitalized. While he was in the hospital, it was discovered that he had cancer.

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More than just health coverage help

A local Community Partner helped a young man who recently moved to Oregon from another state.

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Making a big difference in people’s lives

A 22-year-old needed medical services, but because of their situation at home, they were worried about accessing those services.

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School Navigators push Health Equity for Latinos

Watch the wonderful video created by “Salud America!” to see how community partners help both students and parents as school navigators

Photo of a group of community partners wearing personal protective equipment during a vaccination event

The COVID-19 Response

Since Oregon’s first COVID-19 case, CPOP and our community partners have been a part of the response, helping wherever possible with the following:

Our Community Partner Network

This remarkable network includes approximately 300 organizations and more than 1,300 application assisters across Oregon. Contracted organizations include physical care and mental health providers, faith-based organizations, non-profits, schools and more.

Read more about our work with the community:

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